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“Lokāyata” means the philosophy of the people, a materialistic philosophical system that accepts perception as the only pramāna. The sculpture of “IGUANA” on the gallery’s crown, stands 100 ft. long symbolizing the struggle between modern society and nature. Its location here at the gallery signifies the need to rule out the hypocrisies of our society and admire & promote all forms of art indiscriminately.

In a prime location, just a minute’s walk from Hauz Khas fort built by Allauddin Khilji and Deer park, and with a total floor space of 10,000 square feet, Lokayata is a cutting edge art gallery that thrives on creativity and the opportunity to inspire. Revived in 2020, Lokayata strives to be an institution that invites fluid & versatile ideas and wishes to provide a platform for them all.

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"Art is the breath of
the beauty of the world"

President’s Vision

Sanjeev Verma

Since 1960, Lokayata has aspired to uncover and explore the full potential of art in India, through promotion and showcasing of the very best that Indian art has to offer. Today, under the leadership of Mr Sanjeev Verma, Lokayata Art Gallery strives to fulfil Anand’s vision. With the mission of making art accessible to all through exhibitions of the work of both emerging and established artists and displaying art styles from diverse cultural backgrounds, Lokayata wants to paint the Indian art scene anew with an array of fresh colours.


We at Lokayata host several cultural events in an attempt to preserve and promote the rich heritage of our country while contributing our bit for social causes. Our never-ending journey to explore the hidden gems of the art industry has surprised us time and again and we wish to keep experiencing that effervescence forever.

A creative & far-sighted thought
of Mulk Raj Anand

A visionary at heart, Mulk Raj Anand was one of the finest patrons of the Indian arts. His desire to bring to the Indian art scene the global art exhibition format with the establishment of the country’s first Triennale of Contemporary World Art marked the beginning of Lokayata’s journey. 


A close-knit community of lovers, creators and critics of art.

Him chatterjee

The use of the murky mustard and the pristine of white raises curiosity in the audience of where this journey is headed. The high dark waves along with the mountains in the landscape showcases not just a quaint thought of exploration but also bestows upon us a language of time and way of living.

Koustav Nag

Koustav Nag has employed his expertise in acrylic and oil along with his astounding and sometimes bewildering imagination to put the figure and thought in his mind on canvas in an awe-inspiring manner. The use of such vibrant along with inky hues like black and white make his work very peculiar and captivating. 

M.F. Hussain

Strokes of bright colours evoke thoughts of challenging the traditional ways of society. The expression throws light on the undying complexities and the desire to break through the shackles.

Arijit Sengupta

The bold usage of vibrant colours hides the befuddled feelings of the character. The vibrancy makes it feel like the character is hiding his giggle, however on a completely opposite note, the frown on his forehead raises puzzlement- is this man hiding his feelings, or scared of something?

Bijan Chowdhury

The work in focus is one from the series Falling Heroes projecting political disintegration paying honour to the bravery of heroes during the advent of terrorism and commencing revolution. The timeless frame symbolises the defiance to defeat, which is the central theme of the painting.

Niren Sengupta

The master of ‘expressionism through art’ Niren Sengupta exhibits his peculiar skill in the array of colours in this work of his signature style. By looking closely, we can perceive the facial figures that he chisels using lines, spirited colours, and geometric figures. The stunning work makes the audience want to take a pause and gaze.

V. Nagdas

This intricate work is delineating the intertwined soul of a mother and her bearing child. This establishes that a child that rests in water enduringly without breathing, is nurtured by the life and sustenance of the mother. The child, therefore, is a living embodiment of the mother's qualities, grief and aspiration.

"Art is not a thing its a way"

- Albert Hubbard

Artists At Work

It seems hard to comprehend the meaning of the painting when it is a work in progress but as the wandering hands of the artist continue to keep pouring their creativity onto the canvas, those simple strokes of paint brushes dipped in a myriad of colours start taking form revealing the essence of the artwork, the ideas and emotions of the artist. It’s a delightful sight that keeps your heart mesmerized to the point that you often forget to blink.

Events at lokayata

Babli Das


25 - 27 Aug 2021



21 - 24 Apr 2020

Shakti - The Power


13 - 17 Mar 2020



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A close-knit community of lovers, creators and critics of art.


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